Antibiotic Resistance

Dr Hilary considers some of the concerns related to the increased rise of antibiotic resistance.


Medical Research - Is It Safe?

Dr Hilary discusses medical research testing and considers the ethics surrounding it.

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Superbugs Vs Bdellovibrio Bacteriovorus

What’s Really Going To Happen To The...


More Flavour & Less Salt?

Faith explores how to spice up mealtimes the healthy way, and gives her tips for fantastic food/spice combos.

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Let’s Eat Together

Lack of community cohesion in modern life is becoming a real issue - could the sharing of food, and eating...

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Making Time For Exercise

Busy life? Barely a minute to spare each day? Idea of building an exercise regime into your daily routine...

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Lower Your Blood Pressure

Dr Hilary outlines the risks of high blood pressure and explains what you can do to lower it.

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