Antibiotic Resistance

Dr Hilary considers some of the concerns related to the increased rise of antibiotic resistance.


Why I Prescribe Exercise

Dr Hilary talks about why he would rather prescribe exercise than pharmaceutical medication.

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Medical Research - Is it Safe?

Dr Hilary discusses medical research testing and considers the ethics surrounding it.

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Prescription Drug Culture

Today, more people than ever are abusing prescription medications. But why? Emma takes a look at...

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Superbugs Vs Bdellovibrio Bacteriovorus


Keep Breathing!

Stuart looks at the effects regular exercise offers in terms of lung capacity and the types of exercise...

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Keep Hydrated, Keep Healthy

Dr Hilary explores the importance of staying hydrated and the warning signs of dehydration.

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Emma explains how you can find, reclaim and create motivation to get your life back on track.

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Water, Water Everywhere...

It’s a simple substance, but ordinary water can hold the key to improving your health and getting you in...

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