Antibiotic Resistance

Dr Hilary considers some of the concerns related to the increased rise of antibiotic resistance.


Medical Research - Is It Safe?

Dr Hilary discusses medical research testing and considers the ethics surrounding it.

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What’s Really Going To Happen To The...

Mending A Low Mood

Emma and Dr Hilary discuss the issues associated with persistent low mood and ways to combat it.

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Can mindfulness benefit your mental health and decrease anxiety? Emma explains why it can...

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The Health Benefits Of Positivity

Dr Hilary reveals how you can use your mind to positively affect your health and well-being.

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Living With Back Pain

Back pain is something that can be very debilitating but with the right medications and techniques can be...

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Learning To Take Risks

Emma explores why it's important to take positive risks in life, rather than hold onto the illusion of...

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