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We believe that you deserve a healthy and happy life, no matter what your circumstances, and we also believe that with the right tools and resources you CAN achieve this.

That’s why we have brought together expert Ambassadors from the areas of health, self, fitness and nutrition to create a world for you where everything you need exists in one place… welcome to Make Your Switch!

Make Your Switch has been designed, to be as individual as you are. So whatever your personal goals… be it weight loss… through to improving your general health fitness or self-esteem, you will find it here in the Switch world.

We understand that finding the time to go to the gym and to eat healthy meals can feel pretty overwhelming. That’s why the site and all the content produced by the Ambassadors makes this as simple, affordable and practical as possible.

Keeping fit has never been easier thanks to the Make Your Switch fitness planner...

The Switch fitness planner has been built to fit around your unique lifestyle and time demands… SO, whatever your fitness level, preferences or requirements we will have the right plans and workouts for you. From gentle Pilates to advanced muscle building…there really is something for everyone!

No more fads, no more trands and no more obessive counting...

Our Meal Planner’s amazing shape, steady and strong system means that no matter whether you are trying to lose, maintain, or gain weight, you will be able to find simple recipes and meal plans designed to be as unique as you are. From family favourites to strength bolt ons… you will always find the nutritional fuel you need to support your desired lifestyle.

We also understand that being healthy and happy is as much about your mental well-being as it is about your physical and nutritional health… and that’s why we have created your Switch journal...

From setting personal goals, to tracking your daily mood, we really want you to be able to capture and reflect upon every aspect of your own personal Switch journey. So whether you want to pin inspiring content from your Ambassadors or even just record your own thoughts, feelings and reflections, it’s your journal, for your journey.

The moment you join Make Your Switch, you will also become part of the Switch community...

This means you will have access to all Switch user groups, events and online community discussions. So no matter where you live or what you are interested in, you will be able to find support and encouragement from other likeminded users.

So why not join Make Your Switch, and commit to a healthier, happier you... today.

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Check out Dr Hilary and Emma's
FREE 7-day guide to a healthier, happier you!